Mole Mapping

One of the most important things for any dermatologist is to diagnose skin cancers as early as possible, thus allowing patients to get - often life saving - treatments before the cancer causes more harm. 

Traditionally we rely on regular full skin examinations to check for irregular, suspicious moles and growths.

Advances in computer technology allow us to supplement traditional skin checks with computer assisted full body photography. This technology makes it easier to identify new or changing skin lesions. 

We already had several years of experience using full body photography but in May, 2017 we transitioned to DermScan, a new full body photography system. This advanced device makes the process a lot faster, so patients can have their photographs taken and analyzed during the same appointment when they get their traditional skin exam. 

Full body photography is a useful tool for everyone but especially those patients who have many moles and skin lesions or those with a history of skin cancer.